Hawthorne High School Teens and Hawthorne’s Senior Citizens Gather Once a Month

Alli Getchell, Editor

Once a month, at Hawthorne High School, students in clubs, such as the Robotics Club, Math Club, Creative Writing Club, etc. will be joining the senior citizens of Hawthorne to create a fun learning experience.

According to Ms. Theresa DiGeronimo, “The point of this is to form partnership between Hawthorne’s senior citizens and its teenagers that allows positive experiences, reversal of negative perceptions, and social interaction for both groups.”

During these sessions, activities will take place in order to successfully interact with the senior citizens. Activities can include a  painting class with the Art Club, lessons about robots with the Robotics Club, and the Math Club demonstrating how to use cellphones properly.

Each of these, and more, will provide a positive, social atmosphere, and will help build relationships between the teens and seniors of Hawthorne.