The Great Chino

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The Great Chino

Beth O'Boyle, Staff Writer

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As Hawthorne High School winter sports are starting, we go back to take time to recognize the talent from the fall season. Jason Diaz, frequently known as Chino, has just received many awards for his hard work throughout this 2016 soccer season. The Clarion met up with Diaz to ask him a few questions.


Clarion Writer: What awards did you win?

Jason Diaz: I won First Team All League and First Team All County. I was also chosen to play in the SCANJ senior all star showcase.


Clarion Writer: What was your first initial reaction when you won?

Jason Diaz: I was honored and surprised when I was told, all my hard work throughout the years payed off.


Clarion Writer: Who is your biggest supporter?

Jason Diaz: My parents always pushed me to my best potential, also Coach McMann always gave me critiques and helped me become a better player.


Clarion Writer: Do you plan to continue soccer throughout college?

Jason Diaz: Yes I am; I usually play center back, but I might switch my position to right back in college.


Clarion Writer: What advice would you give to the underclassmen that look up to you?

Jason Diaz: Don’t give up and work hard- also hit the gym.


Jason is seen as a role model by many of the underclassmen players. One of the underclassmen, Dave Ramirez-Galvan (also known around the school as Dave the Goalie) added, “He pushed me to be my best through every practice.” Hawthorne High School wishes Jason Diaz best of luck with the rest of his soccer career.


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