Seniors on Graduating

Seniors on Graduating

Anna Werking, Staff Writer

As the second marking period comes to an end here at Hawthorne High School, graduation is approaching quickly. Seniors have to decide what they plan to do as their high school years come to an end and their future begins. Deciding on what college to go to, or if you have the desire to go to college, is stressful and strenuous, especially when it’s six months away. As the time nears to start their post high school lives, The Clarion asked a few of the seniors what their thoughts were.


Clarion: How do you feel knowing graduation is 6 months away?

Stephen Varelis: I’m excited because high school is coming to an end, but also terrified knowing this chapter of my life is over.

Bryan Lyriano: I’m scared of the outside world, because I don’t know how it is outside of High School.

Jon Di Filippo: The amount of things I’ve lost in this school is innumerable. Also, I’m excited.

Luke Sousa: I feel like I only have six months left.

Ryan Lemaire: I’m not excited about leaving, but I’m excited about moving on.

Aileen Alba: It’s a good feeling, but I’m also scared.


Clarion: What are you planning to do after graduation?

Stephen Varelis: I plan on going to Berkeley for criminal justice to become a cop.

Bryan Lyriano: I plan on going into the Marines in July.

Jon Di Filippo: I plan on going to college in the New England area for sports management.

Luke Sousa: I plan on going to college for communications.

Ryan Lemaire: I’m going to be studying business in college.

Aileen Alba: I‘m going to trade school and I start in July.


Clarion: What are you going to miss the most about High School?

Stephen Varelis: I’m going to miss playing basketball for Hawthorne and Mr.Jandoli.

Bryan Lyriano: I’m going to miss playing sports and Mr.Jandoli.

Jon Di Filippo: I’m going to miss playing organized sports for the last time, seeing my friends everyday, and when we have Nacho Day for lunch.

Luke Sousa: I’m going to miss Woj, and when we have Burrito Day for lunch.

Ryan Lemaire: I’m going to miss being a kid, because I’m technically going to be an adult after high school.

Aileen Alba: I’m going to miss seeing my friends every day and the school work.