Senior Spotlight: Catherine Van Der Werf



Jason Bryant, Editor

Throughout the 2016-2017 school year, the HHS Clarion will be interviewing students from the senior class. Next up, is senior Catherine Van Der Werf.


Clarion: What is your favorite memory of Hawthorne High School?

Catherine Van Der Werf: My favorite memory was Ms. Murphy’s Period 7 class Freshman year.


Clarion: Who are your favorite teachers?

Catherine Van Der Werf: My favorite teachers are Ms. Tullo and Ms. Murphy. Ms. Tullo has been there for me and I have had her twice. Ms. Murphy and I have a close teacher-student relationship and I adopted my dog from her.


Clarion: What is the biggest change at HHS in your past four years?

Catherine Van Der WerfWe have had a new VP every year except freshman year.


Clarion: What do you want to do in the future?

Catherine Van Der Werf: I would like to peruse nursing or write a book..


Clarion: Do you have any advice for Underclassmen?

Catherine Van Der Werf: Keep your grades up and don’t be lazy because it wont be easy when it comes to college.


Clarion: Do you have any last words?

Catherine Van Der Werf: Take care of yourself and if you ever need help, be sure to ask, there will always be time.