Hawthorne v. Glen Rock: A Second Look

Jonathan Di Filippo, Staff Writer

On January 26, the Hawthorne Boys Basketball team faced off against Glen Rock to try to avenge their only loss from the first half of the season. The Bears played a tough game throughout and the score was within five points both ways for most of the game until the beginning of the fourth quarter. This is when the boys started to pull away. Dallas Hoffman hit two straight three’s to put the team up by double digits at the beginning of the quarter and the team never looked back.

Game high in points came from Kendale Butler who had 16 points to go along with 7 rebounds. Next up, Dallas Hoffman had 14 points including those two crucial three pointers to bolster the HHS Bears to a win. He also added 2 blocks and 4 rebounds. Ramon Mariano was the next highest scorer coming in with 13 points, adding 4 blocks, and 2 assists.

This was also the debut of the new and improved Bear Cave, rounding up a total of 86 kids and a numerous amount of new cheers and antics. When asked about the crowd noise in the building that night TJ Palmer said, “The noise was deafening…it definitely gave us an advantage over the other team. It was great to see that amount of support.”

Coach Ward said after the game that it was a great win for the team and it was great that they could come through and avenge their only loss of the beginning half of the season.