No More Seasons?

Anna Werking, Staff Writer

Traditionally there are four seasons.

In the state of New Jersey, that’s debatable. The weather corresponds with certain months. i.e. the months of winter are December, January, February and March. The normal expectation of the forecast would be snow, and/or freezing rain and such. Instead we have been getting an immense slew of abnormal weather.

The temperature for about a week would seem like spring, about 60-70 degrees and then it would drop drastically. It is scientifically proven that the weather changing so much can affect peoples’ moods, and cause mood swings. Some people blame it on global warming, or the government, others don’t even notice.

Although the weather hasn’t been necessarily consistent, most people are awaiting spring patiently. Last Tuesday we had a snow storm and some parts of the state got 15-16 inches; other parts only got about 8 inches.  One week later and it’s 60 degrees outside. This weather affects spring sports very much with the snow on the fields and track. The Clarion interviewed softball player Bailey Hansen about how she feels about the craziness of the weather.


Clarion: How has this weather affected your practices?

Bailey Hansen: We’ve had to share indoor gym time with our boys baseball team and a lot of our scrimmages have gotten canceled.


Clarion: How has practicing indoors affected the teams progress?

Bailey Hansen: It’s more crowded and the space is limited, as an outfielder I can’t practice fly balls.


Clarion: Do you prefer practicing outdoors or indoors?

Bailey Hansen: Definitely outdoors.