Mental Health Awareness Month in HHS Library


Alli Getchell, Editor

May is Mental Health Awareness month.

The Hawthorne High School Library is supporting Mental Health Month with a display of books about mental health, suicide prevention, and all different kinds of mental illnesses such as depression. Students are free to borrow these books from the library to learn more about mental health.

In addition to physical books, the HHS library has also purchased online eBooks for all students, available on ANY device with internet connection. Directions on how to access these books are located in the library.

Overall, the purpose of this is to spread awareness and to help students cope with anything that they may be going through. It reminds us to be creative, to stop and inhale the atmosphere, to sleep, to try some yoga, or pet an animal, and relax.

In the library there are some opportunities to sit down and unwind, with activities such as solving a Rubik’s cube or to color in a coloring book. Please, come and enjoy everything our library has to offer, and support Mental Health Awareness Month.