2017 Annual Art Show


HHS Art Show Seniors

Kieran McAllister and Mia Lewis

Students have been working hard all year long on their projects to show off their amazing talents and skills. On Friday, May 19 Hawthorne High School held their Annual Art Show ran by Ms. Danielle Russo, Miss. Rachel Ambrogio, Mr. Michael Livingston, and Mr. John DiLondardo from eight o’clock a.m. to four o’clock p.m. The school’s courtyard, auditorium, and hallway were lined with art from the ceramic, art, and broadcasting students. From freshman to seniors, their work was brilliantly displayed for everyone to view throughout the day.  

For the Senior Art Students, it was their last time to shine in the Art Show. The Honors Art students (taught by Ms. Danielle Russo) had their own displays in the middle of the courtyard including various forms of art work by Mackenzie Conroy, Mina DiFilippo, Sevan Asidaurian, Aleks Lorenz, Emily Skinner, Hannah Tait, Skylar Tait, Andrea Nelson, and Erika Werking. Each student had their own ideas which they brought to life through their work. Some of the themes contained in the art were transcendentalism, the stages of life, heaven or hell, living things, feminism, nature, produce, food, and women. Everyone who attended the art show were immediately drawn to the beautiful artwork created by the seniors and were greatly impressed by each individual’s creativity.

Art was displayed in the hallway and around the courtyard from the Intro and Intermediate art classes. The Intro class had projects containing Pointilism, Art with Text, Monochromatic Art, Black and White with a Splash of Color, and Pop Art. Each one of the pieces amazed the viewers by the ability that the artists have in Intro Art. The Intermediate class distributed the following projects; Cross Hatching, Black and Gray Paper Projects, Colored Pencil Art, Split Complementary, Surrealism, and Cubism. Many of these young artists are on their way to the Honors Art Class and are excited for what Ms. Russo has in store for them next year.   

In the auditorium, the big screen was down showing multiple clips of what the Broadcasting Class has been doing all year. Each video was unique from the other and it had the audiences’ eyes glued to the screen. Some of the clips were comedic and included students and faculty from Hawthorne High School, while other videos portrayed a powerful message. Students and teachers were intrigued by each and everyone’s video and were amazed by the advanced editing skills shown throughout the short clips.

Overall, the art show was a huge success. The Clarion would like to acknowledge Ms. Danielle Russo,  Miss. Rachel Ambrosio, Mr. Michael Livingston, and Mr. John DiLondardo along with the students’ undivided attention for the success of the 2017 Annual Art Show.