A New Addition to the Art Show 2017


Mel L.

Beautiful Art

The Hawthorne High School annual art show was held on May 19 in the courtyard, auditorium, and auditorium foyer. However, this year there was a new addition to the art show and her name is Ms. Rachel Ambrogio. This is her first year getting to work alongside Ms. Danielle Russo to help run this amazing event that many students love. The Clarion got to sit down with Ms. Ambrogio to get her feelings on her first HHS art show.


Clarion Reporter: How was your first art show here at HHS?

Ms. Ambrogio: Amazing! I am so impressed with all the work the students have done.


Clarion Reporter: Did you have any favorite pieces?

Ms. Ambrogio: No, I have way too many to choose from.


Along with an interview with Hawthorne High School’s newest art teacher, the Clarion was able to see the students’ work in ceramics and sculpture. These students have worked with different mediums throughout the year while building their skills in the class. Beginning with pinch and working their way to decorative plates, their works of art are breathtaking.

At the entrance of the auditorium, students could see various projects from throughout the school year. There were ceramic foods that look good enough to eat. Donuts with rainbow sprinkles, sushi, and a cheeseburger with the works are just a few of the foods. These foods are placed on dinnerware sets that are beautifully decorated with soft colors and lovely flowers.  On the center table, there are a number of decorative plates and ceramic busts.

All in all, the students in Ms. Ambrogio’s ceramics classes are filled with talent. This year’s art show does not disappoint.