The Future HHS Student Council

Kieran McAllister and Mia Lewis

The  students of Hawthorne High School have spoken. Students voted during their lunch period, the votes were counted, and the 2017-2018 Student Council is now official.

Rocco Pecoraro is the new Student Council President, Carter Mascis is the Vice President, Geena Occhipinti is Treasurer, Krista Kedl is Secretary, and Laith Matari is the Board Representative. For weeks, juniors and sophomores have been preparing for the election. They have worked hard to gain as many votes as possible from their fellow students through various methods. Some candidates hung colorful posters around the school with catchy phrases to attract others, while others shared their ideas of how to improve the school for next year. Others running also caught the attention of many by handing out small baked treats with their names on them in an effort to earn more votes.

The Clarion would like to acknowledge everyone who ran for the Student Council Executive positions such as Kate Moro who ran for President, Tom Gallo and Chloe Sena who ran for Vice President, Brittany Foley, Rebecca Dorfman, Jordan Scrivens, and Arianna Rojas who all ran for Treasurer, and Kayla Miller, Amelia Biedrzycki, Barbara Cucci, and Nick Foschini who all ran for Secretary.

It was a close election in which everyone gave their best effort. Congratulations to the future Student Council of 2017-2018 of Hawthorne High School. Everyone, from students to faculty, are excited to see the new changes that Student Council has in store for next year!