Alexandria Henriquez: HHS Volleyball Team Member


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The Hawthorne High School Volleyball team is a very productive and hard-working group that is part of the HHS sports program. With a good amount of players that there are, each one plays a special role on the team which makes it so successful. The Clarion chose team member Alexandria Henriquez, and asked her some questions that will give you a little background on what it’s like to be part of the HHS Volleyball team.


Clarion Reporter: How long have you been a member of the HHS volleyball team?

Alexandria Henriquez: I’ve been a member of the HHS volleyball team for about 2 years now, joining the Junior Varsity team.


Clarion Reporter: How many games has your team won so far?

Alexandria Henriquez: So far, we’ve won 8 games. We really try our hardest to make each game better than the other by putting in more work and effort in our practices and performances while on the field.


Clarion Reporter: Does the team get along?

Alexandria Henriquez: Yes, we all get along very well.


Clarion Reporter: Why is volleyball so important to you?

Alexandria Henriquez: Volleyball is important to me because it’s my own way of expressing myself. It motivates me to work hard and to try my best. When I’m out on the court, I focus on my performance and how I’m going to achieve the goal that I have set for the rest of the game. It’s really been a passion of mine ever since I started two years ago. And till this day, I cannot imagine myself not playing it.


Clarion Reporter: If someone wanted to join the volleyball team and they asked for your advice, what would you say to them?

Alexandria Henriquez: Personally, I would tell them to work hard and enjoy what they are doing. Volleyball is a sport that takes time and skill, but it is really easy and fun once you get the hang of it. The heat of the game, the battle to win first place, all of it adds up to an amazing experience with amazing people.