Marching Band Life Made Easier!

HHS Band

HHS Band

Rachel Zuckerberg and Caitlin Carone is a website created by Band Director Keith Williams for band parents, band staff, and band students. The innovative website has updated schedules, information for band parent meetings, and individual files containing drill and musical warm ups for each student in the program. Each band student is given a login user and password to access needed information. Students are also granted access to concert recordings from previous years. If a student is going to miss a rehearsal, game, or competition they can submit an absence request form, automatically emailing all necessary staff and student leaders to notify them know that student will not be there.

The Clarion sat down with Mr.Williams himself to ask him a few questions about the website’s format, purpose, and design.


Clarion: How long did it take to complete the website from start to finish?

Mr. Williams: Coding and programming is something I really enjoy doing and I consider it to be a hobby of mine. The website as a whole has really evolved over the years and it is still continuing to grow. I created this website because I enjoy programming and I also envisioned this website to be a useful tool for the band.


Clarion: How has this website been helpful?

Mr. Williams: The website has been incredibly useful to me because it allows me to easily access important information. The website also keeps an accurate record of student attendance and allows me to announce upcoming events.


Clarion: Are you still making adjustments to the website now?

Mr. Williams: I primarily work on the website during the summer when I have more free time, but yes the website is evolving and I’m always adding new things. Something I’d like to add is the ability to track instrument sign outs.


Thank you Mr. Williams for all the time you spend making our lives much easier, the band definitely appreciates it!