Kabrel and His Ka-Bride

Ellie Gallo and Rachael Konyak

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On August 5, 2017 Joshua Kabrel and Lia Ribustello became united in matrimony. This life-changing event takes a lot of hard work and preparation. As high school students, our wedding days are a long ways away. So, to find out what having a wedding is all about, Rachael and Ellie sat down with Mr. Kabrel to find out about all of the details of his special day.


Clarion Writers: Where was the wedding?

Mr. Kabrel: We had our wedding at the Ridgewood Women’s Club.


Clarion Writers: What was preparation like, stress-wise and time-wise?

Mr. Kabrel: There was really no stress, because we did our best to stay calm. We did a lot of the planning and setting up ourselves.


Clarion Writers: Who would you say did more of the planning?

Mr. Kabrel: We kind of split it up. My wife made the final calls, but I did a lot of the running around and talking to people since I had more free time in the summer.


Clarion Writers: What was the most memorable moment of that day?

Mr. Kabrel: The whole day was kind of a blur; everything happened so fast. We did a “first look” though, which was really nice. Also, my best man’s speech was pretty funny. The whole day was perfect.


Clarion Writers:  Now, the most important question, where was the honeymoon?

Mr. Kabrel: We went to northern California, like San Francisco and Sonoma. It was beautiful.

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