HHS Block Party


Student Council Board at the HHS Block Party!

Keely Washburn and Daniel Aliberto

The Hawthorne High School block party (held right behind the school on Bamford Ave.) was a blast! The block party kicked off the homecoming season and all students who participated had a great time with their friends. 

The block party was Thursday October 6 from 6:30-9 p.m. and admission was $2. The theme of the party was “Fall Fest”, so students showed up in fall outfits, from flannels to boots. Once you paid your $2 to get in, everyone immediately went to find their friends.  Midway through the party students formed a dance circle and everyone went crazy.

Beyond dancing to the great music being played by the DJ, there were students playing games (like soccer), corn hole, and Kan Jam. There was also a big projector that was showing the Yankee/Indian’s game, so all were able to see the intense baseball action. Kids especially loved the photo booth area, where they took photos with friends and teachers. One big hit was the ice cream truck, where students picked out their favorite ice cream and toppings. 

There were two food trucks as well, that were serving delicious food. One served hot dogs and french fries, with many amazing toppings. The other food truck served frozen yogurt, which was also a big hit.

Overall, the fall block party was a big hit. It brought out a lot of school spirit and it  was a great way to kick off homecoming season.