Spirit Week 2017


This year’s spirit week here at Hawthorne High School was fun and eventful! Here is a list for each day of the week:

Monday: ‘Merica Monday

Tuesday: Tacky Tourist Tuesday

Wednesday: Workout Wednesday

Thursday: Class Color day

Friday: Blue and White


On the Monday of Spirit Week the seniors were in first by only 10 points, the juniors were in second, the freshmen were in third, and in last place was the sophomore class.

Thursday night, students from every grade stayed to decorate their hallway. The seniors decorated their hallway with a SpongeBob theme, the juniors decorated their hallway with the Wizard of Oz, the sophomores decorated their hallway with NYC, and the freshman decorated their hallway with a Pac-Man theme.

On Friday during the afternoon announcements everyone listened intently to see who the overall winners were. The senior class came in first for the whole week with 440 points, followed by the juniors with 407, freshman with 399 points, and the sophomores with 385 points.

For hallway decorating the freshman came in last, followed by the sophomores in 3rd, seniors in 2nd, and juniors in 1st. Congrats to the senior class for winning!