Vegeducate Yourselves

Vegeducate Yourselves

Lila Kawash and Alyssa Jackler

Vegans and vegetarians are not just English II Honors teachers, (@Strang-Wolf), our classmates follow these dietary choices as well!  The Clarion interviewed resident vegan Molly (no middle name) Mateus, and Ezekiel Hazzan Somma, vegetarian since birth. As some may not know, vegans do not eat any animal products (i.e. milk, cheese..etc), while vegetarians do not eat meat! Molly, is so dedicated that she only purchases cruelty-free makeup, and does not buy leather! The following is what the interviewers of  The Clarion milked out of the interviewees.


Clarion: Molly and Ezekiel, who do you think has a healthier lifestyle?

Molly: Ezekiel!

Ezekiel: Being vegan is healthier than being vegetarian, because you’re omitting sweets, and other stuff.

Molly: I don’t have as many desserts, because I can’t eat them!


Clarion: Ezekiel, have you always been a vegetarian?

Ezekiel: Yes, my entire life!


Clarion: Molly, why did you become a vegan?

Molly: Because of those mad documentaries on Netflix boi!


Clarion: Molly and Ezekiel, what do you normally eat on a daily basis?

Molly: It depends. I eat a peanut butter and jelly for lunch everyday!

(For lunch today, Nov. 3rd, 2017, Molly ate the following: An orange and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich)

Ezekiel: I eat a variety of fake meat; Gardein, Morning Star.

(For lunch today, Nov. 3rd, 2017, Ezekiel ate the following: Pizza, carrots, water, and graham crackers)


Clarion: Molly, do you find it hard to stay on the vegan diet?

Molly: No!


Clarion: Ezekiel, is it expensive to be a vegetarian?

Ezekiel: It depends, a little, the supplement foods are usually more expensive than the real meat. I try not to overindulge…except with Pop Tarts! But only unfrosted ones because the frosted ones have gelatin.


Clarion: Molly and Ezekiel, how do you feel about pescetarians?

Molly: I’ll let them mind their own business, but personally, I don’t understand it.

Ezekiel: I got to be honest, I am indifferent about them. It’s their choice.


Clarion: Ezekiel and Molly, how do you feel about fake meat?

Molly: It tastes good. It tastes like real chicken nuggets!

Ezekiel: I don’t know what to compare it to, because I’ve never had real meat. All I know is that, it tastes pretty good!


Clarion: Do either of you have any advice for the vegans and vegetarians of America?

Ezekiel: If you are trying to stay on a vegan or vegetarian diet, actually commit! I’m being honest, it kind of feels good, the pay off! Knowing that I haven’t had a piece of meat in 15 years, that’s pretty incredible. It also helps you stay away from bad things, knowing you can’t have something as common as meat then you can resist tobacco…I’m being honest! You don’t succumb to peer pressure as easily!