Girls are now taking over the Field!


More and More Girls…Are Playing Football

Shakira Petersen, Staff Writer

Throughout our lives as young women, we were always told that football is a man’s sport. This year at Hawthorne High School two girls have changed our perspective on that. Kellie Owens, a freshman at HHS, and Jacqueline Caraballo, a sophomore at HHS, have laced up their cleats and hit the field. The Clarion has sat down and interviewed the girls.


Clarion: What is the reason you decided to play football?

Kellie: The reason I joined football is that I’ve wanted to play since 5th grade. Now, getting to finally  during my freshman year is a dream come true.

Jacqueline: I decided to play football because I’ve always been drawn to the sport when I was in elementary school.


Clarion: Do you find it intimidating being the only two girls on the team?

Kellie: At times it can be a little intimidating, but in the end, we’re family and help each other out.

Jacqueline: At the beginning I found it intimidating because I was the only girl on the team but now I find it more motivational actually.


Clarion: Do you plan on playing football again the following year?

Kellie: I do plan on playing football next year. I enjoyed it this year and I’m excited about next year.

Jacqueline: I do plan on playing again next year, as long as my mother agrees to it.


Clarion: Do you like your teammates/get along with them?

Kellie: I do like my teammates and we get along most of the time.

Jacqueline: I do like my teammates and I get along with all of them. They are all my brothers and I would not change that.


Clarion: Was it hard being accepted on the team?

Kellie: It was a little hard to be accepted onto the team in the beginning because I’m a girl joining an all-boys sport.

Jacqueline: At first during the summer it was tough, but I didn’t quit and I worked extremely hard to show I’m committed and that I deserve to be on the team…which led to them accepting me.


Clarion: Do you like playing football more than your other sports you may play?

Kellie: Yes, I enjoy football more than my one other sport I do.

Jacqueline: I do like playing football more because it’s a great way for me to relieve stress because you get to hit your opponent and it won’t be an illegal play.