Shop ’til You Drop: Class of 2019 Vendor Day


Sarah Kozrosh and Abby Reicher

The Class of 2019 is excited to bring Vendor Day to Hawthorne High School! Many students, as well as parents, might not fully understand what Vendor Day has to offer. Vendor Day is when companies, big and small, come together and sell their goods to people. Hawthorne’s Vendor Day is not only going to consist of companies that we hear about on an every day basis, but also the high school’s clubs as well. This event is taking place on December 2, which is the perfect time to start shopping for holiday presents.

This is a big event, and it cannot be successful without you! Bring your family and friends, and spread the news around! This a great and convenient way to shop for your loved ones! Some of the companies that will be showing up are Tupperware, Origami Owl, American Girl clothing, and more. The high school is super excited to host this! Also, the HHS Broadcasting club is going to sell and make Holiday Video cards while the event is going on. Basically, children and adults can use props that will be given to make a special message, then the club will send it to the customer’s email. The email can then be forwarded to the loved one to see the message. Since the holiday season is right around the corner, this is the perfect time to buy everything at once. Vendor Day has something for everyone, no matter the age.

The HHS Class Cabinet will be selling bagels and coffee in the morning, and pizza throughout the afternoon. This event will take place in the Hawthorne High School Cafe and will start at 10 A.M. and end at 4 P.M. Please stop by and support Hawthorne High School’s Class of 2019! Students and faculty will be running this event throughout the day. Make sure to spread the word and bring your family and friends for an eventful day of shopping!