Girls Basketball: Alexandra O’Neill


Kieran McAllister, Editor

Alexandra O’Neill has played a big part in Hawthorne Girls Varsity Basketball for the past three years and now she has the opportunity as the only Senior to lead the basketball team to success this season. The Clarion had the chance to sit down with O’Neill and ask her some questions about the upcoming season.


Clarion: What are your expectations for the upcoming season?

O’Neill: I have high expectations for the team this year, on and off the court. I believe that we can be a successful team in terms of wins, but also in terms of being a good team and good teammates to one another off the court.


Clarion: As the only senior, how do you feel about a new coach for your last year?

O’Neill: At first, I was extremely upset about Coach Lane leaving because she was an amazing coach and person to have on your side. Although I do miss her, I am very hopeful for the future of the basketball program under the guidance of Coach Peene. She is a great coach and I am looking forward to the season.


Clarion: What are some challenges the team is going to face this year?

O’Neill: I think that a lot of the challenges that we will face are going to stem from the fact that we have such a young team. As you said before, I am the only senior and there are many underclassmen and very few upperclassmen. The youth of the team will definitely play a role in how we deal with some of the challenges and what the outcome will be.


Clarion: Do you plan on playing basketball in college?

O’Neill: I don’t plan on playing basketball in college for many reasons. Firstly, all of the schools I am applying to are Division I. Secondly and more importantly, I want to put academics first on my list of priorities and basketball would interfere with that.


Clarion: How do you feel that this is your last year playing high school basketball?

O’Neill: I am excited about this season, but there is definitely a feeling of nostalgia. I am hoping that I can be a good leader and senior for the younger players and be a role model for them. I want to make this season my best and enjoy every minute of it.


Alexandra O’Neill is looked up to by many of the underclassmen and inspires the team to keep working hard. On behalf of the Clarion, we wish her luck leading the team this season.