A Touching Speech at The United Nations


Moe Jawish and Justin Irvolino

On November 20, 2017, there was an important moment for children around the world.

According to UN.org there was a touching speech written by two children named  Basel Al Rashdan and Nanse Mohand Ghanan. Nanse and Basil are both Syrian refugees whose families fled from the ongoing war in their precious home country of Syria. As a matter of fact Nanse lives in Hawthorne and attends Washington Elementary school, where she is a fifth grader. The two kids were attending the United Nation on November 20 for World Children’s Day.

Around 3 million citizens left Syria because of the devastating situation over there and Nanse was one of them.  During the speech Nanse talked about how she and her family had to walk all the way from Damascus to Jordan which is about 236 miles (380 km). This never ending walk took around 80 hours. They took many risks walking and the biggest one would have been their lives. However they arrived in Jordan happy to be alive and are glad to be out of a war zone.

If Nanse would’ve stayed in Syria and Jordan, she would not have been able to be provided the education needed for her future. As Nanse said in her speech, she wants to become an eye doctor to help all the people in need of vision or who have eye diseases.