Incoming Freshmen Shadowing at HHS!

Shadowing: At HHS

Shadowing: At HHS

Alexandria Henriquez, Staff Writer

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Incoming freshmen coming through! On the week of December 4-8 2017, the Lincoln Middle School Class of 2022 came to Hawthorne High School and shadowed some of our fellow students. The incoming freshmen shadowed Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors from our school. Whoever they were shadowing, they would be with them to follow the student’s schedule and to experience what HHS is like! The Clarion interviewed 3 incoming freshmen, Jamie Damstra, Aliana Gomez, and Gianna Convrtino this week, and asked them a couple of questions about what their day(s) here at Hawthorne High School was like.


The Clarion: How do you like Hawthorne High School so far?

Jamie Damstra: I absolutely love it so much here at Hawthorne High School!

Aliana Gomez: It’s pretty cool, I like the school.

Gianna Convrtino: I just started shadowing today on the last day, but it’s pretty neat so far.


The Clarion: Do you plan on going to HHS?

Jamie Damstra: Yeah I’m planning to come to Hawthorne High School.

Aliana Gomez: Yes, I’m coming to Hawthorne High School.

Gianna Convrtino: I’m not sure yet, I’m still debating if I want to go here or go to a different high school.


The Clarion: Are there any electives you like so far?

Jamie Damstra: There’s a lot of electives I like, but my top 2 electives is Intro to Art and Broadcasting.

Aliana Gomez: I would have to say Ceramics.

Gianna Convrtino: No, there isn’t.


The Clarion: Are you a little nervous coming into Hawthorne High School?

Jamie Damstra: A little bit yeah.

Aliana Gomez: Yeah, I’m a little scared.

Gianna Convrtino: Yes, because it’s such a big school and there are so many kids!



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