Goodbye Mr. Masiak!


Keely Washburn and Emily Garvie

After 44 years Mr. Wallace T. Masiak is officially retiring from the Hawthorne school district. He grew up in Hawthorne and he currently still lives here. This year he is teaching World History and United States History II.

Mr. Masiak is known for his endless note packets that he gives for students to copy and the hard tests for them to take.  Also, many students have fond memories of his stories that he has for everything that happens in life. He not only teaches you about history, but he teaches you about valuable lessons you will need throughout life.

Once the news of Mr. Masiak retiring reached the students of Hawthorne High School, everyone was deeply saddened. Throughout his career as a teacher, he has taught many students, including some of the new Hawthorne High School teachers. He feels that this will be a big change in his life, due to the fact that he has been doing the same routine for 44 years.

As many know, this year he hurt his right foot, so he will be taking this opportunity to fully heal his foot. He has done many things to help the upperclassmen: for example, he has sponsored students on their achievements of Confirmation, wrote many letters of recommendations to colleges, and has taken part in many scholarship events.  

As freshman we have only had the chance to get to know him for four out of the ten months of the school year. This means we don’t have as many memories with him as the upperclassmen do, but this doesn’t mean we are not any less fond of him.

Goodbye Mr. Masiak, you will be missed.