A Look Back at HHS: 2017

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A Look Back at HHS: 2017

Mike Ptak, Staff Writer

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2017 was very successful for Hawthorne High School, with many changes being made to the school, and the daily lives of students. The students have also been busy, from sports to clubs to concerts! Here is a look back at HHS from 2017!


School Changes

Because of safety concerns and a desire to bring the lunch lines down, HHS split the common lunch into two separate A and B lunches. As a result of this, the hallways are less crowded, and the lunch lines have decreased drastically.

The morning announcements have also been updated from loudspeaker to digital. At any time, students can now listen to the morning announcements via YouTube.

In addition to this, over the summer the auditorium was painted to preserve the architectural design, and to better light up the stage.



2017 was a successful year for sports at HHS as well. The football team won against Glen Rock and Manchester near the end of the season, and the HHS marching band had a very successful competition season. The HHS track team also qualified for Groups, a championship meet in south Jersey.


World Language Clubs

The Spanish and Italian clubs were considerably busy this year, with the Spanish Club going to D’Carbon, a Peruvian restaurant in Paterson. Later in the school year, the Italian Honors Society will travel to Italy, truly experiencing the immersion that is the Italian culture.


Music Department

The music department of HHS has truly been busy this year, between the last spring concert, and just recently, the winter concert. The concert and jazz band entertained the audience with some great music choices, and the chorus’s singing brought everyone into the holiday and spring spirit.


Theater Department

2017 was also a very profitable year for the theater department, putting on two shows this year: “Fiddler on the Roof” and “The Crucible”. Both brought out great crowds and enriched the student involvement at Hawthorne High School. 


HHS has truly been busy this year, with many changes being made to the school. This year has certainly been a great one here at Hawthorne High School, and we can surely believe that next year will be even better.

Happy New Years from The Clarion!

-Photo by Joshua Kobuskie

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