New Year, New Me


Leah Rosado, Editor

With 2018 a month old, people have been fascinated with the idea of a fresh start. Whether it’s eating healthier, going to the gym, reading a new book, or even making their bed every morning, everyone seems to have made a goal they wish to carry on. But are students at Hawthorne High School making goals of their own? The Clarion interviewed multiple students to see whether or not they have made a goal/resolution and if it is working out for them.

Clarion interviewer: ” This school year seems to be very busy for senior students. With all the stress that has come from it, what was your 2018 resolution? If you do have a goal, are you following through with it”


Francesca Fanetti:  ” Well, this year I’m trying to go to the gym as much as possible to become fit and feel so much healthier. I feel as if I’m actually accomplishing something, just by working out. I’ve never been happier and I feel great so far. I cannot wait to see a difference and feel much more positive about myself.”

Connor Henderson: “My goal for this year is being able to finally commit to a college and be able to graduate feeling as if I accomplished something. I want to work harder this year and go to the gym as well. ”

Jenet Meta: ” For 2018 I  made a couple of goals I would love to accomplish and keep with me for the rest of my life. I’m slowly starting to eat healthier and going to the gym with my friends. I am also trying to maintain a clean room, but let’s see how long that actually lasts. 2017 is finally in the past and I’m a new person now.”


Overall, most students said their goals are to graduate and not take finals. Look at 2018 as a fresh start and a new beginning. So why not set a goal and push forward towards it?