New Cubing Competition at the Media Center

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New Cubing Competition at the Media Center

Mike Ptak, Staff Writer

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On Thursday, January 1, the media center hosted their very first Cubing Puzzle Competition! Competitors brought their own 3 by 3 cube, or used the provided puzzles, to solve in a time-based competition. First and second prizes were Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards, and third place was a pair of Superman socks!


The competitors were as follows:

1st Place: James Ng

2nd Place: Michael Ptak

3rd Place: Joshua Kobuskie


There were several other competitors, who also competed with their own puzzles according to the WCA (World Cubing Association) standard rules. Competitors would solve their cube three times, with the best time recorded. It was a fun new workshop in the Hawthorne High School Media Center, with other classes attending to watch the competition.


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