Senior Superstars

Barbara Cucci and Julia Aguero

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On Friday, February 23, the Hawthorne High School senior class of 2018 participated in the schools annual Senior Superstars program.

The competition consisted of six gym classes who competed against one another in five different events. The first event was the running rely, where Period Seven took first place, with period six trailing closely behind. The next event was foul shooting, where students were prompted to score ten foul shots before the opposing team. After several rounds, Period Eight came on top: period 6 finished a close second.

The next event was the obstacle course, or what most students would regard as the most challenging event in the competition. The students ran through a series of obstacles including hurdling over a gym mat, running through a hula hoop, jumping rope, and making a lay up. Taking first place in this difficult event was Period Eight once again, with Period One in second.

The next event was volleyball where Period Six and Period One struggled for first place; ultimately, Period Six persevered.

The last event was the tug-of-war, where students came equipped with gloves to ensure they had a good grip on first place. Period Six won this event as well, and Period Four trailed not too far behind. Overall Period Six won the whole competition, Period Seven came in second, Period Eight in third, Period One in fourth, Period Four in fifth and Period Three in sixth.

Following the event, every senior sported a smile and sat together to enjoy pizza and a movie for the remaining periods of the day.

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