A Lovely Night: A Cinderella Recap

A Lovely Night: A Cinderella Recap

Jenna Ventrice, Staff Writer

From Thursday April 26 to Sunday the 29, Hawthorne High School’s production of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella took center stage and wowed audiences with its magical cast, crew, and pit orchestra. The show, directed by Kimberly Griffin and Marchelle Roniet, involved over 90 students and brought in big crowds over the course of five performances. The show received high praise from audience members and brought in a large profit for the Hawthorne High School Theater Department.

Junior Jacquelyn Hampson took on the lead role as Cinderella. She amazed audiences with her strong and beautiful singing voice. By her side was Prince Christopher, portrayed by junior Nick Manzi. The two did a fantastic job taking on the lead roles. The stepmother was played by junior Daniella Bonafede while the two stepsisters were played by junior Jenna Ventrice and freshman Kylie Sciarra. The King and Queen were portrayed by seniors Alex Di Filippo and Krista Kedl. Senior Gennesy Cintrón took on the role as the magical Fairy Godmother. The show also included junior Chris Branagh as the Chef, sophomore Kyleigh Rica as the Steward, sophomore Nick Sokolofsky (10) as the Herald, and a fantastic ensemble cast.

The orchestra pit was conducted by Dave De Rosa with special assistance from clarinet player senior Nikki Schuldt. Consisting of 13 students, the orchestra pit knocked each and every song out of the park. Along with being in the pit, sophomore Heather Scott also took on a crew manager position as Assistant to the Directors. The stage managers included seniors Aimee Alvino and Amelia Biedrzycki. Junior Aidan Hallquist managed sound and carpentry while senior Kaitlyn Melendez managed lights. The large costumes and makeup department was managed by seniors Dakota Brantner, Mckenzie Brevet, Geena Occhipinti, Gabby Van Sickell, Carly Weinstein, and sophomore Maria Angeles. The crew in its entirety consisted of over 40 students.

Overall, the show was an outstanding success. We can’t wait to see what the Hawthorne High School Theatre Department puts on next school year!