Decision Day

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Decision Day

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On May 1, or “Decision Day,” the seniors at Hawthorne High School wore t-shirts of the college they will be attending in the Fall. Some of the many schools that our HHS Bears will be attending in the Fall are: Ramapo, William Paterson, Fairleigh Dickinson, Pace, TCNJ, University of Delaware, Manhattan and many more! The Clarion asked some of the seniors what their feelings were about graduating and going to college next year.


Carly Weinstein (Virginia Commonwealth University): “Although it saddens me to leave my home of Hawthorne High School and I will miss the people and memories made here, I am excited to explore new places and start the next chapter of my life in Virginia.”

Dakota Brantner (Stockton University): “I can’t wait to continue my education at Stockton! Of course I am sad to be leaving my friends, but I am also so excited to be starting this new chapter in my life!”

Daniel Whalen (Montclair State University): “I am very excited to start college at Montclair State University, but I am going to miss HHS and all of my friends.”

Kaitlyn Melendez (Ramapo College): “Graduating and going to college comes with a lot of bittersweet feelings because as excited as I am, I’m also nervous for all the change that is about to happen in my life. Despite that though, I am ready to move onto something bigger so that I can test my strengths and grow into the person that I want to be in the future.”

Veronika Alvarez (William Paterson University): “I am not ready to grow up, but I am at the same time…you know what I mean? I don’t want to be in debt yet or see my friends leave, but I am ready to move on with my life.”

Nick Forsythe (Maine Maritime Academy): “I am very excited to go on a new adventure in Maine and can’t wait to meet new people. I am definitely going to miss Hawthorne and all of my friends, but can’t wait to start the next chapter of my life.”

Alexandra O’Neill (Manhattan College): “It is a little bittersweet for me. I am very excited to move on, but I am also going to miss Hawthorne High School and all of my friends.”

Alexander DiFilippo (Rochester Institute of Technology): “Graduating and continuing on is both one of the scariest, but also one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done. It’s almost like opening a new chapter of a book and just having no idea what’s going to happen on the next page. It’s exciting, and it makes you want to read more, but it also makes you scared that something bad will happen.”


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