College Decisions


Most students have their sights set on college the second they walk into their first day of high school. Between keeping up their GPA’s, taking and retaking the SAT and ACT’s, and staying involved in school sports and clubs, high school has proven to be a difficult task to accomplish. However, four years later, all that hard work and planning has paid off, and the Hawthorne High School class of 2018 has figured out what they need to do to achieve their career goals and decide what college will get them there. It is a very exciting and stressful time for our seniors, but they are proud of what they have accomplished and look forward to what the next few months holds in store for them.

A lot of students have already chosen what colleges they are going to attend in the upcoming fall. Whether it be to enroll in the school’s nursing, physical therapy, business, or film production program, each student has succeeded in paving a path to the lives they want to lead in the not-so-far away future. Although there are plenty of students who have chosen different paths for their years after high school or are still deciding between schools, here is a list of students who have their next four years figured out:

Julia Aguero- Caldwell University

Mckenzie Brevet- University of Delaware

Madison Aguero- Pace University

Chloe Sena- Rowan University

David Souhlakis- Rowan University

Geena Occhipinti- Fairleigh Dickinson University

Nicolas Foschini, Kimberly Corrales, Katelyn Moro, Vanessa Pena- Montclair State University

Dakota Brantner- Stockton University

Victoria Cancio, Allison Pontier- Kean University

Rebecca Dorfman- Cortland University

Carter Mascis- New Haven University

Jack Fenkart, Dominic Scola- Sacred Heart University

Marissa Shea, Karim Yakoub- Ramapo College

Tyler Nelson- Wilkes University

Krista Kedl- Wagner College

Matthew Brown, Veronika Alvarez, Fazli Hida- William Paterson University

Samantha Sullivan- Bergen Community College

Dallas Hoffman- Muhlenberg College

Shayla Rodriguez- Fordham University

It is important to recognize these students and where they have chosen to go to college, because it represents their hard work and commitment they have dedicated to their futures. It also represents Hawthorne High School as a whole because these students have officially made something out of their experience here. They were able to take a small school and get something big out of it, and hopefully that fact encourages others to do the same with their time spent at Hawthorne High School.