Finals Week Approaching

Sierra Van Houten, Editor

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It is that time of the year where everybody starts to stress the most. Now that May has come to an end students can’t wait for summer, but there is something standing in the way. Yes, finals week is approaching. This week could make or break your final grade for a class.

Finals are kind of a big deal unless you are a senior who was lucky enough to be exempt. However, we aren’t all seniors so most of the student body still have to take the dreaded exams. You know what that means, numerous study guides, highlighter marks and lack of sleep. Final exams are something that most people go absolutely crazy over or that some people treat as no big deal. So, whether you are going to study like crazy or just wing your exams, we at the Clarion wish you the best of luck.

Just a friendly reminder that the final schedule goes period 1&5 on the first day, 2&6 on the second day, 3&7 on the third day and 4&8 on the last day. Finals begin on June 14 and end the 19.