Hip Hop of Color: An Opinion

Hip Hop of Color: An Opinion

Lubanah Alayoubi, Staff Writer

Of the many outstanding artworks that were displayed at the HHS annual Art Show, this painting really caught this writer’s attention.

The reason why I am so intrigued by this portrait is that it consists of all different types of neon colors and expresses the importance of music to an individual.

The painter, Kaitlyn Melendez, says that her love for graffiti and hip-hop is what truly inspired her to produce this portrait.

“I feel like there is a lot of expression in both graffiti and music that allows you to express your true self,” explained Melendez, “So, I wanted to make sure I incorporated both of these values into my painting to really highlight that idea.”

I now understand the language of art and can vividly see the beauty of it all.