Who’s The New Mascot?

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Who’s The New Mascot?

Samira Cortes and Kayla Joseph

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The man, the myth, the legend, our sacred mascot, the Hawthorne Bear. Who’s hiding behind the mask?

So far The Clarion has reason to believe that either sophomore Kellie Owens or junior Giorgi Kvaratskhelia is the mascot. They are the top suspects.

Why did they decide to become the mascot? Do they enjoy being the mascot? The Clarion interviewed John Parcells whom has given us some intel on the subject at hand. The mascot is not one person. In fact the mascot is a bunch of different people who switch every now and then. The Clarion is not entirely sure how many people there are in total or how many.

But, whomever they are, they will always be remembered as the Hawthorne High School mascot. The Clarion interviewed Giorgi Kvaratskhelia and here’s what he had to say.


Clarion Reporter: Giorgi, why did you decide to become the mascot?

Giorgi: Because it helps with college and I was bored.


Clarion Reporter: Interesting, So tell me did you have to try out to be the mascot?

Giorgi: No, I was asked, and showed up the first day at the away game and tadaaa…I was the mascot.


Clarion Reporter: Do you enjoy being the Hawthorne Bear?

Giorgi: Yeah, it’s alright, the only thing that bothers me is that the helmet slides down my face. Which means I can’t see because my glasses are getting crushed. If the helmet didn’t do that I would be fine.


Well folks, you heard it hear first.

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