New GSA Club Advisor

Alysa Krieger, Staff Writer

Here at Hawthorne High School we have a Gay Straight Alliance Club which is called the GSA Club. The GSA Club discusses anything LGBTQ+ related issues, provides a support group, and hosts the National Day of Silence here at the school. Mrs. Grant and Mrs. Lyness both ran the GSA Club the 2016-2017 school year. Mrs. Grant took the responsibility of running the club while Mrs. Lyness was on maternity leave for the 2017-2018 school year. Now this year Ms. Wright decided to take on the task of running the GSA Club. The Clarion had a chance to sit down and ask Ms. Wright some questions about the GSA Club.


The Clarion: What made you want to take on the running the GSA Club?

Ms. Wright: I wanted to run the GSA Club because I feel that is super important to provide a club for students who are a part of the LGBTQ community and for those students who are not, that support them. I feel that is important for students to have a place they can come and be with people who understand and support them and a place they can feel comfortable; and that no matter how they identify themselves, they can know they are supported by the club and its members.


The Clarion: Do you plan on doing The National Day of Silence t-shirt sale this year?

Ms. Wright: The club created National Day of Silence t-shirts last year and they came out great and I would like for the club to create them again and it is something that will be discussed at the next meeting.


The Clarion: Are there any new fundraisers you are planning this year?

Ms. Wright: This year we plan on selling pop sockets again, but they will say “Love Wins” with a rainbow flag as the members of the club feel as though that is a better representation about what the club is all about. We will be selling them in the main hallway near the cafeteria on October 11 which is National Coming Out Day. I also would like to discuss other fundraisers with the club in the next meeting.


The Clarion: What are your hopes for this club?

Ms. Wright: My hopes for this club are for it to grow with new members both of the LGBTQ community and those who are not and for it to continue to be a supportive and comfortable space for students to come to and be a part of.


The GSA Club is always accepting new members throughout the year so don’t be afraid to pop into a meeting. Meetings are held every other Wednesday in room 218.