The Bear Award


The Bear...Along With His Award

Sierra Van Houten and Melissa Martin

There is a new tradition here at Hawthorne High School called the Bear Award.

This award allows students, faculty, parents, and staff members to vote for faculty or staff members they believe deserve to be recognized.

Winners get to keep the prize of a giant bear for a whole month, along with a hearty gift certificate. Recently, our very first winner was announced: it was the one and only, Mr. Van Winkle. We at The Clarion want to extend a congratulations to Mr. Van Winkle.

We also want to encourage students to get online and vote. Voting for the next award will be announced by Mr. Cunningham towards the end of the month, so keep an eye out for the announcement letting us know when the link will be opened.

Get ready to vote for your favorite teacher or staff member and give them a chance to win the Bear Award!