The New HHS Track


The New HHS Track

Brendan Quinn and Max Molenaro

You’ve probably noticed by now, whether you are driving past Hawthorne High School or are in one of the many gym classes throughout the school day, that HHS has a new track. It was just recently completed and is now ready to be used. The track was replaced because the old one was uneven and unsafe for running on. The track used to be black and white: but now it’s a light blue and white. The Clarion interviewed Mr. Art Mazzacca, Athletic Director and Assistant Vice Principal, to inquire further about the glorious new track, and here’s what he had to say.


Clarion: When did the school decide that we needed a new track?

Mazzacca: Last year we made the determination based off of the condition of the old track. The old track had cracks and holes in it that were not able to be repaired.


Clarion: When did work begin on the track and how long did it take?

Mazzacca: The original work on the track began right after graduation. They had to tear out the old track and resurface it. Once they did that the track had to sit for 30 days. The top coating for the track began in late August and we just completed it the last week of September.


Clarion: I’ve heard people during gym asking about it. What did we need the new track for?

Mazzacca: The old track was beyond repair. It was worn all the way down to the blacktop. There were also holes in the track near the starting line. The high jump area had issues that we attempted to repair but were not able to.


Clarion: How long was the old track there and how long will this new one last?

Mazzacca: The last resurfacing on the old track was 7 years ago, this new one will last 15-20 years.


Clarion: Is there anything you want to say specifically about the track?

Mazzacca: We spent a lot of time researching and meeting with different vendors to find the best track possible. ATT Sports is one of the leading companies in the country when it comes to track surfaces. They did an outstanding job with the whole project and I could not be happier. I think the blue track stands out and sets us apart from other schools, contrary to belief it did not cost more than a black track. I want to thank the BOE, Mr. Spirito, Ms. Engle, and Mr. Chamberlin for all of their hard work and dedication to our athletes and facilities for taking on this project.