Things a Bear MUST do before graduation!


Bryanna Barreto and Le'Ana Butler

For the Senior Class of 2019 (as well as the Juniors who will graduate in 2020) the end of their high school career is getting closer and closer. These four years most definitely flew by just like everyone said it would- before we know it we’ll be out on the Hawthorne High School field dressed in a cap and gown! Don’t panic though! We are only in December and we have the bulk of the year ahead of us; this means there is still time left to create some of the iconic high school experiences. What are those, you ask? Well, keep reading and we will give you the official High School bucket list- aka things a Bear MUST do before graduation.

#1  Get yourself involved with clubs!: Being a part of a club is a great way to get more involved in our school community! Clubs give you a chance to meet people with similar interests, to have some fun, and even to help out our community. Clubs can enhance the appearance of your college application! There are clubs beyond belief, like Spanish Club, Creative Writing Club, Journalism Club, Drama Club, Art Club, and so much more! HHS has a wide variety of clubs for various interests! Get active now! It’s not too late to join!

#2: Document Your HHS experience!: In addition to the many snapshots and pictures that all of us have taken while at HHS, why not take it a step further? We have learned by now looking back on years past not only can bring joy, but it is also a reminder of how far we have come. One day when you all are gathered together during lunch, hit record and have a conversation like you normally would. Years from now, it’ll remind you of how close you were with your friends, and what life was like all those years ago!

#3: Thank Your Teachers! Whether we would like to admit it or not, our teachers play a special role in molding who we become as we transition into adulthood. Teachers are some of the most underappreciated professionals in the world so before you walk the hallways of HHS for the last time as a student, be sure to show your teachers some gratitude. For four years our teachers have been dedicated to the betterment and education of each and every student to enter their classroom. Don’t be afraid to do something special for a teacher that had a positive impact on you! Here at HHS especially we have some phenomenal teachers who go above and beyond for their students, so why not go out of our way to let them know they are appreciated!

#4 Senior Activities! Lastly, as the year comes to an end, seniors, do not hesitate on having the chance to cherish the very moments the school grants you! Prom, Superstars, Dorney Park and many other activities HHS has to offer! Take plenty of silly pictures with some of your good friends as well! It will definitely be appreciated years from now. Get loose and just simply have fun! Your high school experience is a once in a lifetime experience so make the best out of it until the day of graduation comes your way!