HHS Marching Bears


Kaitlyn Maskal, Staff Writer

It was finally the last competition of the year. All members of the band were equally excited, as they were anxious to enjoy and embrace the last competition. 

Obstacles faced the band from the very beginning. The day before, news came to the band that the competition would be held inside, and not on a field, as usual. People knew various adjustments would be necessary; however, every person included in the band powered through.  

The morning of the event it was raining and freezing in Hawthorne. No one was really sure what to expect for the last competition. Driving to Verona High School took longer than expected which caused the band to be late. With the loss of time the band lost crucial rehearsal time.

The Hawthorne High School Marching Band was scheduled to perform first. After they rehearsed, everyone walked out of the gym and into the hallways where the band would be lining up. Finally, it was time to perform. After performing, the band felt very good about their performance. Now it was time to go and put all the equipment onto the bus.

Whether you were a tuba player, drumline, or color guard, you would be anxious for awards. The time came, the entire gym was full of parents, staff, and band members.

First, the judges announced third place, then second place. Hawthorne High School marching had taken first place despite all the challenges! It was the most memorable way to end a season, and for the seniors whose last competition this was, they ended on a good note!