Paint the Library’s Ceiling Tiles


Danielle Fiorilla, Staff Writer

In the Hawthorne High School Library and Media Center we love to do new things. This year we started painting the ceiling tiles in the library.  As you walk into the school library, you will be greeted by the friendly staff, who are always there to help.

The ceiling tiles started because of the lovely Mrs. DeGeronimo. She came up with the idea with Mr. Brislin, the Director of Technology. She thought that it would be a great way to help kids be more creative and show off their artistic abilities. The idea was made possible with the help of some artistic students.

The way the ceiling tiles are able to be painted is by actually taking them down from the ceiling in the Maker Space. Then they are moved to the painting corner. Once painted all of the ceiling tiles are hung up in one of the library’s most creative rooms. The room is known as the Maker Space, it has a variety of things to do, including designing ceiling tiles, virtual video games, and amazing sewing classes. However, the most popular thing to do is the ceiling tiles.

The best part is you can decorate your ceiling tile however you want. You can make one with a positive quote or maybe you would like to make a ceiling tile that has happy faces all over it. I made one myself and decided to show off my school pride by painting “Go HHS Bears” across it. 

One day you should come down to Hawthorne High School’s most interesting room and make your own ceiling tile. Stay tuned to hear what else we are going to do in the library’s maker space.