Couples Season!


Bryanna Barreto and Sierra Van Houten

Yes folks! It is now that time of year! Hawthorne High School’s senior Health classes have begun and we all know what that means. Wedding and baby projects!

Every year the senior class is obligated to partner up and get married. To announce a wedding, seniors have to create invitations. The fun part of participating in this project as a whole is that the faculty here at HHS gets to vote on which invitations they think are the most outstanding. The winners were Andre Costa and Roulana Jawish. Winning top place in the wedding invitations granted them the privilege to receive 10 points towards anything Health class related.

Creating invitations can represent your creativeness, so HHS seniors are encouraged to go all out! The invitations vary in color, size, fabrics, and some are even three dimensional. To locate where these wonderfully creative invitations are being displayed, stop by the senior hallway right outside Mr. Shell’s room! Seniors are also obligated to plan a budget for the first year of marriage and then after comes the baby project!

This senior class of 2019 gets to carry around a baby doll with a 5 pound sack of flour attached to it. Picking the gender of the baby is up to the boys so Mrs. Gerdes gives two cards, each written boy and girl for them to choose from. So, if you pick the card that says boy, you and your significant other is having a boy!

Before starting, seniors will make announcements for the baby which will be posted where the wedding invitations are currently. This project is designed to show seniors the responsibility that comes along with having a child. Good luck to all of the seniors!