Farewell Mrs. Villalta


This past December, Hawthorne High School said goodbye to Ivy Villalta, who was the vice principal secretary for the past two years. The Clarion caught up with this beloved administrative assistant before she left HHS for good.


CLARION: How long have you been working here at Hawthorne High School?

IVY: I have been working here at Hawthorne High School for the past two years.


CLARION: How was your experience here at Hawthorne High School?

IVY: I have had an amazing experience at this school, because of the students and staff. It is a great working environment.


CLARION: What are your plans after leaving Hawthorne High School?

IVY: I got a different job in the Pompton Lakes district. It is closer to where I live.


CLARION: What will you miss most about HHS?

IVY: I would have to say the students and staff members.


CLARION: What were your favorite parts of working here?

IVY: One of the things I enjoyed the most is Mr. Hawthorne. It was a great time where I could see a different side of students. They come out of their shells. I also enjoyed spirit week.


CLARION: What made you want to work in a school?

IVY: I wanted to work in a school for a long time. I like talking and interacting with people. I am definitely a people person.


CLARION: What was it like working with Mr. Jandoli?

IVY: I had a great time working with Mr. Jandoli. He is a great Vice Principal. He really cares about the students and their education.