Update: The Spirit Begins to Appear at the HHS Varsity Girl’s Basketball Games!


Vinny Morano, Staff Writer

In late January, I wrote an article about the Hawthorne High School Varsity Girl’s Basketball games and how there is a lack of spirit at their games.

Thankfully, my article was well perceived and agreed with by many. Although I was pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback, I didn’t think anything would come of it. That is, until the announcements made by Mr. Jandoli over the loud speaker.

In the beginning of the week during the mid morning, Vice Principal, Mr. Jandoli came on the loud speaker to announce details about the Varsity Boy’s and Girl’s basketball games. While the announcements sounded like they usually do, when it came time to talk about the State Games, a sentence came out of Mr. Jandoli’s mouth that not a lot of people expected. He stated that for the State Games, the student section is expected to be there not only for the boys, but also the girls.

This announcement was music to many people’s ears, who have been pushing for and wanting a student section for each gender games.

I believe that this new coming of events will not only show the girls that all their hard work is appreciated, but also will help them play better and hopefully help them be victorious in their games moving forward.