Inside Scoop of Bye Bye Birdie: Part One


Alysa Krieger, Staff Writer

This year the spring musical is Bye Bye Birdie: it’s a show with a huge cast that means there is over 40 people involved in this year’s spring production. This is a show with so many new and old faces that The Clarion decided to get to know some of the cast members of the show and see how it is all coming along.


The Clarion: What role are you playing in Bye Bye Birdie?


Kellie Owens: I am playing in the Conrad Birdie Fan Club.


Camryn Sweisberger: I am part of the fan club as well.


Estelle Barbarsi: I’m playing Mae Peterson.


Kylie Sciarra:I am playing Rosie Alvarez, who is Albert Peterson’s secretary and girlfriend.


Jacquelyn Hampson: I am playing Kim MacAfee, the girl chosen by Rosie to kiss Conrad.


Ava Tower: I am playing a Conrad Birdie fan club member.


Molly Mateus: I am playing Penelope, who is in the fan club and in the Telephone Hour.


Tom Tricoli: I am playing Reporter #1.


Jordan Pierce:  I am a part of the Conrad Birdie Fan Club.


Caitlin Carone: I am playing “sad girl” and I am a dance captain.


Jenna Ventrice: I am playing Deborah Sue.


Sophia Utvik: I’m in the Conrad Fan Club.


Alexandria Henriquez: I am playing a Conrad Birdie fan club member.


Daniella Bonafede: I’m excited to play Mrs. Macafee, Kim’s mother.


The Clarion: How well are rehearsals going for you?


Kellie Owens: Rehearsals are pretty good. It’s a lot of fun, just a lot of hard work and a lot of dancing.


Camryn Sweisberger: Since I am recovering from surgery I’m not cleared to do much, so it can get a bit boring. But I love watching everyone.


Estelle Barbarsi: I’ve only been to one rehearsal so far and it was a ton of fun, I was laughing the entire time.


Kylie Sciarra: So far I’ve only been to one rehearsal, but everything is coming together really well. I’m really looking forward to the show.


Jacquelyn Hampson: For me it’s been pretty mellow so far, but by seeing what we have already, I’m really excited!


Ava Tower: Fun! I love spending time singing and dancing with my favorite people.


Molly Mateus: I love it so far! It’s such a fun, positive atmosphere singing and dancing with great people.


Tom Tricoli: They’ve been going well, I love spending time with a lot of the friends I’ve made in the cast


Jordan Pierce: I love rehearsals! They’re honestly so fun and I look forward to seeing everyone each time!


Caitlin Carone: Rehearsals have been super fun! I love what I’ve been learning and everyone seems super excited about this show!


Jenna Ventrice: Rehearsals have been going great! Everything is running super smoothly, and everyone has been doing a fantastic job!


Sophia Utvik: Rehearsals have been going well for me! It’s nice to work with everyone.


Alexandria Henriquez: Rehearsals are so much fun! I love the positive atmosphere, laughing, singing, dancing and being around the cast members!


Daniella Bonafede: Rehearsals are going as well as they can in the early stages. Things don’t come together yet, but it’s fun learning the building blocks of what becomes an amazing show. I love it, but I get jealous of the Telephone Hour girls because I don’t get to do their number!!


The Clarion: Do you have any of your lines memorized yet?


Kellie Owens: For the Conrad Birdie Fan Club, we don’t have any lines. We just scream a lot whenever Conrad Birdie’s name is mentioned.


Camryn Sweisberger: Same answer as Kellie.


Estelle Barbarsi: I have memorized some of my lines, but I still have a lot to learn.


Kylie Sciarra: I have most of my lines memorized since I have a lot of them and in my free time I like to read through the script.


Jacquelyn Hampson: I only have a few memorized so far.


Ava Tower: Same as what Kellie said… the screaming is very fun.


Molly Mateus: Yes, I have a couple memorized!


Tom Tricoli: That’s funny, no.


Jordan Pierce: A lot of screaming is involved.


Caitlin Carone: No lines to memorize, just A LOT of screaming!


Jenna Ventrice: Almost all of my lines are memorized!


Sophia Utvik: Same as Cam and Kellie.


Alexandria Henriquez: There is a lot of extreme screaming!


Daniella Bonafede: Nope, I usually learn them in rehearsals…but I’ve only had two non music rehearsals, but don’t worry, I got it. 😉


Thank you to the cast of Bye Bye Birdie for giving us an inside scoop on how the show is going on right now. The dates and times for the show are May 2 and May 3 at 7:30 pm, May 4 2pm and 7:30 pm, and May 5 at 2pm. The Clarion wishes the entire cast of Bye Bye Birdie good luck and we cannot wait until the show!