Inside Scoop of Bye Bye Birdie: Part Two


Alysa Krieger, Staff Writer

With the spring musical approaching quickly The Clarion was curious to know how the cast of Bye Bye Birdie deals with some of the pre-show nerves. We decided to ask some of the cast members on how they deal with the nerves.  


The Clarion: Do you have any pre-show nerves? If so how do you deal with them?


Kellie Owens: I don’t really have any pre-show nerves


Camryn Sweisberger: This is my 13th musical, so no.


Estelle Barbarsi: Sometimes I do, but I find joking around with my cast mates or listening to music helps; getting your mind off of the nerves in general.


Kylie Sciarra: I’m a little nervous because my character dances a lot and it usually takes me a while to learn dance steps, but how I deal with nerves is we usually do these things called shakes before the show and we shake out all of our nerves and I also sometimes do the Sharpay breathing technique from High School Musical.


Jacquelyn Hampson: I usually don’t get nervous until I’m standing behind stage with the curtain closed. I usually deal with the nerves by singing with Daniella in the wings.


Ava Tower: The nerves usually kick in on opening night.


Molly Mateus: I sometimes get pre-show nerves, but you just have to put those nerves into the performance.


Tom Tricoli: Throughout the entire show I’m constantly nervous, but the best way for me to get over the initial fear is just going out and trying my hardest.


Jordan Pierce: I usually don’t have any nerves, only because we practice for awhile and I always feel very confident.


Caitlin Carone: Sometimes I do, usually before opening night, but this show moves so fast and is so fun there won’t be any time for nerves!


Jenna Ventrice: It’s good to have pre-show nerves! They keep you focused.


Sophia Utvik: I get nerves before rehearsals, then I usually calm down…rehearsals shouldn’t be too stressful, they’re creative and fun and everything sounds so nice put together!!


Alexandria Henriquez: This is my first time being a part of a musical production, and as of right now I’m not nervous! With opening night getting closer and closer, I will probably be a little nervous. To get over my nerves I just have to think and be positive!


Daniella Bonafede: I usually don’t get nerves till I’m behind the curtain waiting for the show to start- that’s when it feels like I’m going to vomit/ die/ pass out all at once and it never gets easier. But once I’m out there, I’m not Dani- I’m whatever character I’m playing and for them, it’s a piece of cake.


The Clarion: Are you feeling any pressure or stress for the show?


Kellie Owens: I don’t feel any pressure or stress for the show, because I don’t have any lines.


Camryn Sweisberger: Not necessarily.


Estelle Barbarsi: I’m not very stressed because I’m confident that I will be able to play the character the best I can and that I will be prepared for the show.


Kylie Sciarra: I feel a little pressure since this role is really big, but I think everything will work out just fine…I try not to stress too much.


Jacquelyn Hampson: At this point it’s my 6th show, and I’m with the same people I started on stage with, so now I’m so comfortable on stage, and as of right now, I’m not stressed.


Ava Tower: Not at all…everyone in the musical makes it a comfortable and fun environment where we all help each other out, no matter your role.


Molly Mateus: I’m so comfortable with everyone and I’m not really uncomfortable on stage. It’s also so early into practices, I’m not quite stressed yet.


Tom Tricoli: No not really, we’re early on in rehearsing and everyone involved in the production does a really good job at creating a very kind and non judgmental cast.


Jordan Pierce: Nope! No pressure or stress comes until the weeks leading up to the shows…the biggest week being tech week. That’s the time when pressure and stress usually kick in.


Caitlin Carone: Not at all! It’s such a positive atmosphere and everyone is having so much fun. I just can’t wait to see the finished product!


Jenna Ventrice: No stress! I’m just happy to be performing my final show with the people who I consider to be my second family.


Sophia Utvik: I’m pretty nervous honestly, this is my first show that I’m not only doing in the high school, but with fellow high schoolers! I’ve performed here, but never with so many fun people! I bet the show will go well, though!


Alexandria Henriquez: I’m not stressed at all!


Daniella Bonafede: I am SUPER stressed to sing the Ed Sullivan Hymn thing. But otherwise, I’m hoping it goes as slow as possible cause I don’t want it to end.


Thank you to the cast of Bye Bye Birdie for taking the time to answer these questions. The dates and times for the show are May 2 and May 3 at 7:30 pm, May 4 2pm and 7:30 pm, and May 5 at 2pm. The Clarion wishes the entire cast of Bye Bye Birdie good luck and we cannot wait until the show!