Graduation Live Stream


This year Hawthorne High School came up with a brilliant idea of live streaming the graduation so we decided to interview Broadcasting teacher extraordinaire Mr.Mike Livingston to learn more about the live stream of the graduation and the process of doing so…

CLARION: Why are you live streaming the graduation?

Livingston: The purpose is to give friends and family who might live out of town or are unable to climb the bleachers the option to watch the graduation. For example, if they have grandparents or family that live far away they can watch it in real time.


CLARION: Who will be helping you live stream the graduation?

Livingston: The volunteers are not set yet. Permission slips are still going out. They are mostly HHS sophomores and juniors. They are occasionally freshman. The students that I know of are Elizabeth Gallo, Thomas Tricoli, Anthony Bertollo, and Christopher Simmermon.


CLARION: How did you get the idea?

Livingston: We had the capability to do it. We thought, why not live stream it in the new cafeteria if it is too hot outside. Then we thought we can live stream it everywhere for anyone to watch…so why not do it?


CLARION: Where will it be shown?

Livingston: It will be shown directly on YouTube through the Hawthorne District YouTube channel. Also, the Lincoln Middle School graduation is going to be live streamed on there as well. It will be shown whether it is rain or shine.