Seniors: College Bound or Not?


As the 2019-2020 school year begins, many of the HHS seniors have one thing in common: the need to get things together for college applications. A stressful time for us all, this time consists of teachers trying to help students get sorted out, writing recommendation letters, and checking and editing college essays all the while still teaching their classes.

As Seniors start to think more and more about their future, the decision to stay home or leave for school is one that causes major stress. To get a better understanding of how the seniors are handling all of this, The Clarion decided to interview a couple of seniors.


The Clarion: What are some colleges you are planning to apply to?

Sydney Bavaro: “Montclair, Seton Hall, and Quinnipiac.”

Melanie Bilbao: “Caldwell, Ramapo, and Montclair”

Logan Rivera: “Montclair, Rowan, Ramapo.” 


The Clarion: What are you doing in order to prepare yourself for the application process?

Sydney Bavaro: “I have been talking to my guidance counselor and watching out for due dates and making sure I collect all of my recommendations.”

Melanie Bilbao: “I’m planning to do well on the ACT and to work hard on my college essays.”

Logan Rivera: “I just finished writing my college essay, holding my 3.5 GPA and receiving a 1070 on the SAT.”


The Clarion: What would you like to major in?

Sydney Bavaro: “Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Health Systems Administration and Policy.”

Melanie Bilbao: “Psychology or Nursing.”

Logan Rivera: “I’m undecided.”


Senior year sure does start off stressful because of college applications. However, it will hopefully end on a high note, as we say goodbye to high school and venture off onto the next chapter of our lives.