The Marching Band’s Show is Coming Together


Andrea Oliver, Staff Writer

Since mid July the marching band has been working to bring its newest show to life. Through several weeks of practice, the opener and ballad is complete and on the field. The closer should soon be on the field as well with focus shifting from the first two songs, as they are improved, to the last.

Props have finally been added to the field performance. A life size bed is to be rolled to center field as a platform where drum major Caitlin Carone starts the show with her solo. Flanking this bed are five massive eight foot tall boards supported by tripods attached to wheeled platforms. These giant boards are soon to be painted to look like windows which supports the illusion of the fields as a room in which the show is playing out.

Along with props are new outfits for the color guard. Black sequenced one piece uniforms as well as capes are new additions, mixing up the style and presentation of the band. These (as well as new flags) show off the spooky tone of the show. All of this culminates in showing the band’s theme this year: Nightmares. It is a polar opposite to last year’s bright theme of Colors. The easels from the year before have been re-purposed like the windows mentioned above.

The first competition is coming up on September 28th in Roxbury, NJ. This season will have five more competitions in-state including Randolph, Midland Park, and a few other locations. All of this will hopefully culminate in the band going to the state championships this year.