The Death of Andy’s Corner

Traveler photo submitted by John K

Jack Farnum-Huelster, Staff Writer

Citizens of Hawthorne, we have suffered a most solemn and terrible loss.

I cannot picture at all how life in Hawthorne will ever be the same moving forward. If the death of Horton Avenue was equivalent to having one of my fingers cut off, now it’s like both of my legs being ripped from my torso by an angry cave bear. My heart has been shattered into a million pieces, leaving an empty, black void in my mourning soul. There was no time to prepare for this disaster…It happened in the blink of an eye, as if the universe in its incredibly vast and unquenchable appetite for destruction decided that Hawthorne must suffer. What have we done? Oh, what have we done to anger the powers that be? I am begging on my desperate knees for answer. Why? Why?! I wish I could just have the answer, but by now I’d say it’s too late to worry about any “why’s” or “how’s.”

People of Hawthorne. All 19,000 of you, I regret to inform that Andy’s Corner, one of Hawthorne’s most sacred and treasured eatery relics…is closing for good.

It’s near impossible to put into words just how important Andy’s Corner has been to me during my life in Hawthorne. Andy’s convenience of location has made life so much easier for all of us in Hawthorne, especially the students of HHS. Where do you go when you’re hungry after school because you didn’t bring lunch? Andy’s. Where do you go during Senior Lunch when you don’t (or can’t lol) want to drive and need something in walking distance? You go to Andy’s.

Where do you go during dinner break at Marching Band before a football game or competition? Andy’s. Where do you go as a football player when you arrive back to the school after a back-breaking early morning/afternoon football game that leave you famished? Andy’s. Andy’s has been the back-bone of all HHS students and extracurricular activities long before I even got here. Future students will find life much harder without Andy’s; for that I am very certain.

It’s not just the pleasant location of Andy’s that makes it so important to me though. It’s the Taylor Ham Egg & Cheese. Yes Andy’s has a much more diverse menu than just that meal, yet the Taylor Ham Egg & Cheese is probably responsible for about 90% or more of my purchases there. The sandwich, a unique meal of Northern New Jersey (Well, it’s probably in South Jersey too, but they say “Pork Roll” which is absolutely ridiculous), was made best at Andy’s. I don’t think any other Taylor Ham Egg & Cheese will ever compare for me. The idea that future citizens of Hawthorne may never experience it, brings me great sadness. Some other “honorable mentions” at Andy’s are:

The Burger Deluxe / $11.60 or so for a pretty good burger and a good amount of fries. Good deal!

The Bagel / Look, I get there are bagels literally everywhere, but I saw Andy’s as first and foremost a Bagel place. Besides, the Taylor Ham Egg & Cheese is on a bagel, isn’t it?

Chicken Caesar Wrap / Wraps went a little under the radar at Andy’s, which is a shame because they’re pretty good. The Chicken Caesar Wrap in particular was my personal favorite.

The Gumball Machine / The Andy’s Gumball machine is where the “gumball game” formed for my friends and I. One person puts in a quarter for a gumball. This individual is known as the “investor.” Then, the other person playing guesses what color the gumball is going to be when it comes out. This individual is known as the “thief.” If the watcher guesses the color right, they get to steal the gumball. Rather uneventful most times, in fact I can’t re-call a single time the “thief” actually guessed correctly, but it was pretty fun adding some stakes to something as simple as gumballs.

Nesquik Chocolate Milk / I would just get this a lot as my drink…yes I know it’s not an Andy’s product so don’t bother telling me that.. or say it to yourself because you’re just reading my words and not actually talking to me.

So, what comes next? While Andy’s is closing I’m sure someone will swoop in on the spot and try to recreate something similar to what Andy’s was. But will they be able to recapture the pure bliss that is Andy’s Corner? It remains to be seen. Regardless of what shows up on the corner, however, I will always remember these three words – a saying I have heard countless times:

“Salt Pepper Ketchup?”

Thinking about it now brings me sadness now that Andy’s is gone, yet it also produces a warm, peaceful feeling in my aching heart as I was at least lucky enough to have the privilege of being so close to Andy’s Corner all these years.