Attention Seniors: Make Your Own Yearbook Page


Anthony Bertollo, Staff Writer

With each passing school year, the students of Hawthorne High School create new memories and experience special moments that they will look back on for the rest of their lives: those that are lucky enough will have pictures of those moments embedded into the yearbook.

Every year, a new group of seniors take part in the yearbook class (also known as Computer Tech Publishing) and put their own unique style into every page they edit/create. Under Mr. Schell, the students decide the order of the yearbook, the design of the cover, what pages go in the yearbook, and, most importantly, what pictures go in the yearbook. 

However, for those seniors not involved in the yearbook class, they are at the mercy of the ones that are in the class to have their special pictures included in the yearbook as well. If you are one of those seniors, fear not, because there is a way you can be involved in the creation of the yearbook too.

In the beginning of the second marking period, Mrs. Gerdes informed the whole senior class about a way to create their own personalized page! She showed the class a flyer for yearbook ads and explained that seniors can customize their own ad and have it displayed in the yearbook. The themes of the ads can consist of, but are not limited to, sports, friendship, a goofy moment, or just regular student life. 

If seniors don’t want to create their own ad, parents can get in on the action and create a yearbook ad, highlighting the memories and milestones of their child throughout the years.

Seniors and parents can create their ads by going to and or contacting  Mrs. Geredes for more details.

 The prices of the ads are $50.00 for ⅛ page, $60.00 for ¼ page, $90.00 for ½ page, and $170.00 for a full page. Payments and orders must be submitted by January 31, 2020. 

For all seniors out there who want to have your special pictures displayed for years to come, don’t miss this opportunity to make your mark on the Hawthorne High School 2020 yearbook!