The Senior Health Baby Project

Jesus Lozano and Kristopher Miller

We all know what happens during the health class of Senior year. You guessed it— the Baby Project!

As seniors approach the end of the second marking period, they begin to choose their partners. For the beginning half of the marking period, they discuss the development of the human body. Eventually, they learn about the stages of fetal development that lead up to childbirth.

Having a baby is not an easy thing to do, so it requires a lot of planning. Students plan out a year’s worth of expenses such as renting an apartment, buying a car, and purchasing food and other necessities. This is very important because you can’t just go on and start spending money uncontrollably. 

After planning out an entire budget, we begin discussing the development of a baby. During the project itself, students have to purchase a baby doll and a bag of flour. Students then tape the bag of flour to the back of the baby doll and carry it around for 4 days. However, you must be very careful because every staff member in the school knows about the project and they will snitch on you if you leave your baby unattended. 

Students have to keep a log of the actions and events the baby “does” every day. Although this can be very annoying, this is teaching us to be responsible adults in our upcoming years as we grow older.

Overall, this project is a very fun, and an enjoyable way to end our final year of high school on a high note.