Human Trafficking Awareness Week at HHS


Melanhy Navarro and Giana Innocenti

The month of January is human trafficking awareness month. Human trafficking is a global issue that affects countless amounts of people in every corner of the world. The NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking is holding a statewide school awareness program.

HHS is taking part in a week of awareness with different activities each day. Every morning during the announcements, the news anchors state an interesting fact regarding human trafficking that educate our students on the importance of this issue. On Monday HHS launched the campaign with an information center on display in the library with resources such as news articles and books.

On Tuesday, with the help of our GSA club and many other students, we took part in the Locker Slam. The purpose of the slam is to put magnets on every locker in the school that say, “Slavery Still Exists #NJSTUDENTSFORFREEDOM.”

On Wednesday the school participated in a social media slam, with many handouts and posters. The purpose of the media slam was to advertise the importance of the movement to others outside of HHS. On Friday, everyone was encouraged to wear black to draw attention to the campaign.